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What is it?

Operating Normally automates the monitoring of your critical systems, important messages and gives you a daily summary. It notifies you when you have problems you need to know, but the special feature is it tells you when message was not received as expected. That is something Email Filters can not do!

How it can help You

If you get a lot of routine email messages, usually its only importance is you got the message, Operating Normally can help. If you get excessive messages because monitoring systems are flacky, Operating Noramally can help, it will filter the routine and flag to your an important message and let you know a system failed to check-in.


- Monitors your event messages.
- Alerts you imeditally when critical event are received and filters non-critical messaes.
- Alerts you when an expected message is not received on time.
- Sends you a scheduled summary of all the messages received or missed and the actions taken.