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Why Operating Normally

What makes us unique in our approach is if all is well you do not want to be bothered.
You sechedule a summary of all the "All is Well" or 'Operating Normally' messages that lets you verify you got the important messages and how many of each type.
What makes us unique is we alert you if a message is not received at the scheduled time. Email filters are fine but what happens when the event fails to execute? You miss the pass/failed status because there was no program execution to generate one.
Like an email filter, we send an Alert message base on your settings for your critical message received.
What makes us unique is, Need to be notified quickly, we can send you a text message if a scheculed task failed to run or there is an message generating an Alert notification.
Message important but not at 2 am? Set the do not distrube hours for each message rule, or global do not disturbe for you. Configure a morning summary, or just send the event notification to someone else.